We are lucky to have two students from Norway working in the Nursery on a placement as part of an Erasmus Project. The Students are Ines and Linn and they have written a blog about their first week at the Nursery.


My first week at Dovedale Nursery by Ines

Monday: Linn and I took the bus from Writtle University to Chelmsford, and walked to the collage, there we met Sarah and took our pictures for the ID card. Then we went to the nursery and got some information about safe guarding. We got to know the children and had a good day, we didn’t have a long day because it was the first day. After that we went to our student accommodation at Writte University and just relaxed.

Tuesday: We started our day nice and calm we went to the nursery and they were so welcoming. I had to get to know the children so I observed more that day but the children were so helpful, I also got to know a Portuguese child that didn’t know English so I helped him a little bit. It was a good day and after work we met one of our friends in the university.

Wednesday: This day was really fun, I got to know everyone much better and I also learned about the lockdown (that scared me ha). Then we were outside a lot. I also did the dishes and gave the children snacks, and baked with the after school children and the children of the nursery, then we went home, and were with the girls from the university.

Thursday and Friday: I went to work on Thursday but I got so sick so I had to go home, I was stuck in bed for these days. I got really homesick because I never been sick without my parents and my boyfriend near me.

I have learnt a lot in these days and I am loving everything about it.


My first week at Dovedale Nursery by Linn

Hi! The first week started very well, we took the bus from Writtle University College to Chelmsford, and waked to the nursery. There we met Sarah and took our ID picture. We got a lot of information about the 'safeguarding' for the nursery, and then we started working.

The people there are helpful and nice, and the kids are so sweet. The first day went very fast, but it was much to get in to. And the difference is so big for what I’m used to. When I come home I was so tired so I just went to sleep.

Tuesday started little bit confusing because I didn’t really know what to do. But it didn’t take long to get to know some off the 'routines'. I also learnt more names. When I come home, I first relaxed and after that I went out for a run.

Wednesday was a normal day, and the day just flew by. After work I was with some friends at Writtle University College and just had a good day.

Thursday was very great, I also got to make the snack for the children, and it was fun to do something different. I’m learning a lot every day. I also learned more names, and was seeing more of the children in my room. After work I went shopping.

On Friday it was a very quiet day, because there wasn’t so many children in the room I am in. But the day went great, and I think the children were enjoying it. After work I went for a run. I had nice weekend with friends.